Very Excellent Service Every Time

I've had the opportunity to use Bird's Automotive & Towing of Wrightstown, NJ several times and close family has also used them for both towing and automotive service and no one has been disappointed.  Their work is at least a 5 star and the towing service is good.  Sometimes if you remove a bad apple you can save the basket.  You guys keep going strong and I'll watch you grow strong and grow more!  Mr. Still

Pennies at the Pump: Cheap Gas

This is a common scene played out all around America: You pull off the highway and find yourself with a choice of gas stations. While you're almost guaranteed to see at least one nationally recognized brand waiting by the off-ramp, there might also be Brand X, selling gas for maybe 10 or 20 cents per gallon less. 
Just like that, you’re on the horns of a dilemma. Saving money is fun―but you're left to wonder whether opting for the cheaper gas will harm your engine. Does cheaper gas equate to substandard fuel?    Here, we debunk the myths surrounding cheaper fuel.

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